Season Sorrow (2009)
Video, photography, sound installation
Dimensions variable

This is a story about fluctuating states in nature and people and their interaction.
Nature constantly reminds us that there is something greater than humans and
their machine-created world. A person can make a snowball so large that ultimately
he or she cannot move it even with the greatest effort. Sometimes, our direction,
goals or feelings are like such a snowball. In nature, spring replaces winter and
snowballs disappear from view. The seasons laugh at the “snowballs” generated by
human emotions. What suffering, destruction, sorrow! What is the point of it all?
That is why a machine was invented to “make snowballs” so people don’t have to
do it themselves. — E. V.

In the first room a video is projected on the wall and there are nine speakers facing
upwards from the floor. Each speaker plays the sound of one of the heads breathing
in the cold. Their bodies are completely submerged underneath the snow and one
can hear the sound of struggling with the extreme cold and their predicament. The
sound moves around the room like wind.

The second part of the diptych is a glass and steel encasement holding a record
player inside that is being driven by mechanical gears. There are small holes in the
glass and the record plays a the sound of a man making snowballs. On the other side
of the room is the wooden carrying case for the record player. It has been modified
with small holes on either side through which the viewer can see two videos playing.
In the first hole one can see the man rolling a huge snowball in the Latvian country-
side and the second hole is the same man rolling himself through the grass in the
transformed summer field like a human snowball.

This work was presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale in the Latvian Pavilion and is
part of the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art.

→ Season Sorrow: three videos