Black Fairy-Tales (2007)
Dimensions variable

Black Fairy-Tales is a series of photographs which the artist made in collaboration
with Theo Mercier. In the photo series, the artist reaffirms her experimental spirit
and the capability to create visually striking characters by using various technical
methods (none of these photographs have been digitally altered). The works
maintain a tight balance between the real and the absurd.

Work on the photo series took place in both Berlin and Riga. Vida met Theo Mercier
in Berlin in 2007 and it is where the idea of the project was born. The photographs
were shot at an abandoned building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Among the various
interesting local characters observed in the location, the artist spotted the prototype
for the “pigeon lady”. After a long process of building trust, the lady agreed to
participate in the project. In the making of the photo series various additional team-
members were involved, such as local pigeon owners and characters found in clubs
on the streets and among various artistic circles.

This work has been presented at the FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair in
Paris and is part of the collection at Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris,