A Long Day (2011)

A Long Day is partially inspired by a Latvian myth about an underwater village.
The myth of the flying lake is part of Latvian folklore and is familiar to all in the
village where the artist Evelina Deicmane grew up.

This myth is not set in the past; instead it refers to the past, the present and the
future. The villagers knew that if the flying lake’s name were mentioned it would
fall upon the village, submerging it and its inhabitants. A Long Day is a depiction
of the village as it now stands, at the bottom of the lake. This situation is, however,
susceptible to change.

It is not necessarily a tragic tale yet flying lakes should not be ignored.
Each individual has their own flying lake, their own myth of human frailty.

In a white room mechanical swings with speakers sway above the visitors’ heads,
propelling sounds through the space. Thus the viewers share the perspective of the
submerged villagers as an old lady tells her version of the story of the flying lake.

Presented at Kunsthaus Meinblau, Berlin, and Resonance,
European Sound Art Network in Maastricht and Riga