Nje Mechtaj I Nje Dumaj/
Do Not Dream and Do Not Think of It (2008)

Sound and video installation

A record player playing a vinyl disc stands on a platform beneath a glass box.
The record is cut in the middle and glued together from two sides. Each side has
different song recorded from two different epochs in Latvia. On one side is my
grandmother’s favorite Latvian song, which she grew up listening to, and was later
forbidden. Singing this song to herself connected her back to her country and her
identity. The second half of the record is a Russian song that came to Latvia with
the Soviet occupation that lasted for forty-odd years. The jumps between the songs
create a new musical noise, like the noise my grandmother says the radio makes

In the glass encasement next to the looping record is a video of my grandmother.
The video is shot in her country home where the artist installed a life-sized record
player. She rotates while covering and uncovering her eyes in sync with the jumps
of the glued together record. Her face changes and revealing the different periods
in her life and memories triggered by the songs.

This work has been presented at Manifesta 7, The European Biennale of
Contemporary Art, NGBK Berlin, Germany, and Langhans Galerie, Prague

It is part of the collections of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art
and the Krakow Museum of Contemporary Art, Poland.